Do’s and Dont’s

Real Estate Negotiator DO’S

  • Negotiators should work under the direction and supervision of the Estate Agency.
  • Negotiators should display their duties to be loyal to the Estate Agency and not make secret profits nor act for both parties in a transaction without the written consent for both.
  • Negotiators should supply to prospective parties all information as to the probably length of the transaction and avoid anything that may tend to mislead a party not represented by them.
  • Advertising the property for sale, purchase, letting or renting should be done tastefully, professionally, with no mis-representation and must not mislead the public as to the facts of the property.

Real Estate Negotiator DON’TS

  • Negotiators are not allowed to operate independently of the firm.
  • Negotiators must not hang signboard/ banner on public properties (trees,

TNB box, lamp post, telephone booth, ect.)

  • Negotiators shall not when offering property for sale, purchase, let or rent, quote price different from that agreed upon with the principal (the client).
  • Negotiators must not replace / remove another person’s signboard with his / her own signboard, from a property without the written permission of the principal (client).
  • Negotiators must not distribute any flyers from the company. The Board can fine up to RM 1000 per flyer.

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